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Pupil Premium

This money is part of our budget, which has to be spent on those pupils entitled to pupil premium spending. Pupil Premium is money that our school receives when a child is entitled to free school meals or is a Looked After Child or a child whose parents are in the forces. This is why if you are entitled to free school meals or any of the aforementioned that you let the school know. However, other pupils will also benefit from this spending due to the type of activity or intervention being delivered. The ways in which we identify what we spend our pupil premium on varies from year to year and cohort to cohort, but is identified through a range of data and reference to current research practices such as Education Endowment Foundation Research.

The main barriers to educational achievement faced by our eligible pupils are:

- Some pupils start school below the national age related expectations when they join our school due to a range of factors.
- We have families that suffer genuine hardship and therefore this requires the school to provide some additionality in terms of support for families and children through extra curricular work as well as a family support worker.
- For pupils requiring support with their social and emotional needs the school buys in support such as educational psychologists and therapeutic play therapists and offers 1-1 for those children with severe needs
- Other interventions are carried out within school that supports the pupils through afternoon interventions so that their learning is accelerated or supported where a child is falling behind age related expectations.
- The school also does a range of extra curricular activities so that pupils who may not get the opportunities to participate in certain activities are given the opportunity so as to boost their self esteem, such as pupils within Key Stage 2 are all given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
- Some of our pupils attend booster classes to further support their achievement and attainment. Booster classes are not for specific groups such as the less able or more able. These classes are to support all children achieve or exceed their full potential.

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