Working Together for Success

Vision Statement - Values & Ethos

Peel Hall is about “Working Together for Success”. We are a welcoming, inclusive, inspiring and caring community that respects and values everyone.

Within our school it is our shared vision that all staff, children and their families engage fully in purposeful, fun, educational activities in an inclusive environment that is happy, safe and secure.

We expect the staff of our school to be passionate about their teaching and our children to be passionate about their learning; to develop strong character traits of self-confidence, self-motivation and resilience. We want our staff, families and children to be able to embrace change and challenge in order to make a positive contribution to the school, local, national and global society in which we live. We aim to empower lifelong learning through honesty and openness about our strengths and various developmental needs.

We will do this by ensuring that all of our school community members:

  • Are passionate about their roles within school resulting in high academic results for our pupils.
  • Experience a curriculum that makes sense and facilitates the delivery of the “National Curriculum” ensuring the highest possible standards are reached by each pupil.
  • Are able to participate fully in all aspects of school life through purposeful, well-paced and challenging activities resulting in “Mastery of facts, skills and conceptual knowledge” at the appropriate level.
  • Contribute to an environment, which celebrates achievement through praise and rewards.
  • Contribute to creating a warm, welcoming, safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing environment where all children thrive.

All of the aforementioned will contribute towards providing a basis for monitoring the impact of whether or not our school vision is being achieved.

Peel Hall Primary School Ashurst Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 5AU
Finance Officer • Courtney Dodd
Headteacher • Mrs Amy Tatham
SENCO • Rebecca Squires
Family Support • Siobhan Burke
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