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Design & Technology

Our DT curriculum is designed so that projects identified through the thematic question led approach that we use in school can be incorporated into a purposeful curriculum.

Children are taught a range of skills through various themes, that requires the complexity of various tools and techniques to be experienced. Pupils are encouraged to think critically and problem solve in order to answer various technological questions.

When delivering DT activities, children in Key Stage 1 will build a range of structures linked to their themes and explore how they can be made stronger and more stable and they will explore various mechanisms to enhance their learning.

In Key Stage 2, children through their thematic approach, will experiment with using mechanical systems, understanding the use of electrical systems, and understanding of computing to programme, monitor and control a range of products.

Throughout Key Stages 1 and 2, food technology will be explored in increasingly more complex ways.

Throughout all DT activities, children within our curriculum experience the full process of designing, making and evaluating their products so that they are motivated to learn and are purposefully engaged in evaluating their own success.

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