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*These schemes of work have been published by Maths No Problem (MNP).

Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum. At Peel Hall maths is taught daily from Nursery to Year 6 through both discreet lessons and through the application of maths skills and knowledge within other areas of the curriculum, such as Science and Geography for example. We want pupils to see that Mathematics plays a vital role in our every day lives.

We are an inclusive school, therefore we strive to ensure that all pupils are successful in their learning of Mathematics and this is reflected in our teaching.  Throughout the school, children are able to experience an inclusive approach taken from the Singapore style of teaching Mathematics, which we implement through the Maths No Problem schemes of work.   This style has international credibility having improved Singapore’s standards in mathematical achievements globally, to one of the best in the world. This approach is now being taught successfully in many schools across the UK in order for children to achieve mastery of the Mathematical concepts set out in the National Curriculum.

In line with the school’s ethos of developing concepts and reasoning through questioning, we encourage children to work co-operatively, ensuring a safe environment for all children to share and explain their ideas.

Children in Foundation Stage:

Have daily opportunities to experience mathematical problem solving and an understanding of numbers. Mathematics begins with rhymes, songs and games for children to enjoy and real life maths situations simulated through role-play.

The children are taught daily through: –

  • Whole class and group teaching
  • Small focus groups
  • Challenges and experiences through indoor and outdoor provision.

The Early Learning Goals for Mathematics are Number and Shape Space and Measures and are Prime Areas of Learning. An initial baseline assessment is carried out on all pupils as they enter our Foundation Stage. Practitioners then make observations of the children, in order to assess against the Early Learning Goals. Assessments are recorded on Classroom Monitor, our internal tracking system. At the end of the Key Stage, using evidence collected from the Foundation Stage, teachers are asked to consider whether the children have met the expected standard to reach the Early Learning Goals. This information is reported to the LA, DfE and parents.

Children in KS1 and KS2:
A lesson consists of children: –

  • Having hands on experiences to solve a problem using concrete materials
  • Sharing ideas and learning from each other to find solutions and deepen understanding to a greater depth
  • Keeping a journal to reflect on learning
  • Deepening understanding by reading mathematical texts
  • Showing understanding through working independently.

Teachers are expected to complete formative assessments through observation, independent work and end of unit reviews and this information is recorded on Classroom Monitor. Year 1 will undertake two summative assessments, one in the Spring term and one in the Summer term. In Year 2 half termly assessments will be completed using NFER or previous SATs papers, as well as completing Year Two SATs in May each year. Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 will complete termly summative assessments using NFER papers or SATs papers relevant to their year group. In Year 6 half termly assessments will be completed using previous SATs papers and will complete end of Key Stage Assessments in the form of Key Stage 2 SATs in May.

Rigorous assessment ensures that all teachers and leaders are aware of gaps in learning so that appropriate interventions can be planned for in all year groups in order for children to reach individual targets and class targets.  As Subject Leaders we will ensure that policies are put into practise in order to raise standards.

Miss J. Brownlee and Miss M. Bennett
Maths Leads.

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