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British Science Week 2023

Lesson: Science

What a great time we had in school celebrating British Science Week (BSW) 2023. Our young scientists have been busy taking part in many different activities, experiments and investigations throughout the week, both in their classes and with our visitors. 

The children really enjoyed the workshops delivered by our STEM visitor, Charlotte Mellor, from Manchester University. She really inspired them to think about Science and the skills needed to work as a scientist.  She discussed and raised awareness of the different jobs and careers that all have a connection to Science. 

We then had a visit from the energetic and slightly ‘mad’ Professor Nitrate.  She took the children on a science tour of discovery, where they looked at what is needed to create fire, set off some explosive rockets while investigating chemical reactions then explored the magic of lift and the power of pressure to make balls float and cover the audience in toilet paper.   The children  had an amazing time exploring the different scientific concepts. 

Have a look at some of the things we got up to during BSW.

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