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I am excited to inform you that Peel Hall Primary School is now changing it's Modern Foreign Language to Spanish.

I have shared this news with the children during a school assembly this week and they all seemed delighted!

We hope that their excitement will continue, and they will have a real passion for learning both the language of Spanish and about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

All our children, from Nursery are encouraged to celebrate language, be it their first language, or a second language. All children experience playing games involving languages from a range of cultures throughout their primary education. This may be in the form of greetings, counting and songs in different languages etc.

However, in Key Stage 2, MFL is a statutory subject and all the children in Key Stage Two will now learn Spanish. From discussion we believe that students are more interested in learning Spanish as they may have more opportunity to use their skills in the short term, such as on holiday.

The National Curriculum skills and knowledge in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing as well as cultural knowledge and understanding are taught with the support of a highly respected scheme called Primary Languages Network. This includes a range of activities to learn and practise new language and includes videos featuring a native speaker. It also offers cultural insights including music and dancing as well as developing a Geographical understanding of Spain.

Children will also have access to games and activities at home, where they can practise their skills and knowledge. This can be access via a QR code that teachers will give to children and add to School Spider.

As we are beginning this new language all Key Stage Two classes will build their skills and knowledge at Stage One. Early Years and Key Stage One will also begin to build the foundations of learning a language through a dedicated Scheme of Work of their own.

Why not ask your children about what they are learning in Spanish now?

To give you a taster of some of the things that the children will experience please enjoy this video of a Flamenco dancer.

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